Commercialisation of Inventions

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Specialising in the Commercialisation of Inventions

We can assist by offering a Choice of Models through the Path of Commercialisation of your Invention, Idea or Product, be it DIY, Collabrative or Managed.

Assisting inventors and innovators with their intellectual property needs in both the private and corporate sectors is what Invention Pathways is all about. To help with this, we have developed three models or approaches for the commercialisation of your invention.

The managed approach model outlined below is only one of three methods we have developed to assist you. Our main goal is to help you navigate the many pitfalls that can cross your path in the journey of commercialisation of your product and getting it to market.

We will assist you in getting there and in being well informed through the process by offering advice as roadblocks occur. Finding suitable solutions that can help you get your product in the market as soon as practicably possible is what we do. Just as each invention is unique, so is the path to success. Contact us to and get started today!

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