The Idea to Invention System

The Idea to Invention Systems

What Every inventor Needs To Know About Idea to Invention to Product Commercialisation

Developing Ideas: Things Every Idea Creator Must Know

Developing Ideas- Things Every Idea Creator Should Know PDF

Things Every Inventor Should Know

Things Every Inventor Should Know PDF

3 Commercialisation of Invention Options

3 Commercialisation of Invention Options PDF

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8 Product Development Milestones Every Inventor Needs To Know

If you’re an inventor who wants to know how to gain commercial product success, then here is a list of milestones you need to know.

The big takeaway of these Milestones is: develop your invention without the pitfalls  and Go from idea to commercial invention safely.

The most important thing to get with this is knowing the framework for product invention, however, inventions done correctly can have 20 years of protection for scale up success.


Milestone # 1 – Is Your Idea Unique?

Perform Internet searches for your idea solution

Try Google Patent Search 

How is the problem taken care of now?

Search Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Etsy for similar products.

Do you have a unique novel and useful product for a patent? 


Milestone # 2 – Turn Your Idea Into A Product

Draw out your idea first

Create a physical or digital prototype

Does the product produce the predicted benefits?


Milestone # 3 – Provisional Patent

Time to engage with us and seek a provisional patent

Patent searches will be performed to look for similar ideas

If your idea is unique then a provisional patent can be sought

Once accepted a provisional patent is protected for 12 months

Time to test product market fit and enhance your product


Milestone # 4 – Full Patent

Create the graphics and plans for the final design. E.g. cad software, 3d mechanical design  

Document the final design including product process and benefit

Prepare the formal patent application and submit it with us

A patent can protect your idea for 20 years in one country

Consider registered trademarks for the company name, product name and logo. 

Scale up in the country with the patent


Milestone # 5 – International Patent

Research the product need by country

Use a Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT to apply for patents in other countries

International patent law allows saving some paperwork between country patents

Scale up in the countries with your patent


Milestone # 6 – Do It Yourself Commercialisation 

You earn 100% of the outcome from business development

You need to provide the skills for commercialisation. e.g. engineers, IT, marketing…

You need to source the capital for commercialisation scale up. e.g. manufacturing, stock…


Milestone # 7 – Collaboration Commercialisation

Your earnings is based on your % effort

Some commercialisation is done for you. e.g. Partnerships, Joint Ventures.

Capital and equity split will be negotiated. e.g. Equity crowdfunding.


Milestone # 8 – Fully Managed Commercialisation

You earn a % in royalties

All the inventor products commercialisation is done for you. e.g. Manufacturing, supply chain, online store… 

All the activities are done for you. A team performs all the roles. 


Now the thing for you to do is Go contact us for a first meeting appraisal of your idea .

Oh, one more thing, if you really want to gain commercial product success, this free report – Intellectual Property at a Glance PDF, Invention Pathways lays it all out for you! Check it out here:

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