Just as you immunize our kids & pets, install anti-virus and firewalls on devices, so it makes good sense to protect and trade mark your most valuable (and vulnerable) business asset – your brand.

Even if you think your business is too small, there is always the risk of you infringing on another registered trademark and incurring crippling penalties if you are forced to:

  • Stop trading
  • Rely on a common law defence, which can be very costly, time & resource demanding, mentally & physically draining
  •  Surrender your trading name, identity and goodwill
  • Give up your domain name
  • Pay compensation or licence fees
  • Surrender stock and forfeit profits, and/or
  • Rebrand.

… and a competitor may register a conflicting trademark without you even being aware.

Proactively registering a trade mark enables you to:

  • Protect both your identity and reputation
  • Distinguish your specified goods & services from all others
  • Stop other people from using your trade mark on the same or similar goods and services under IP law
  • Value-add to IP assets
  • Sell, license, bequeath or allow others to use it
  • Object to the importation of infringing goods
  • Register your trademark internationally, and
  • Renew exclusive ownership indefinitely

There are cheap and DIY methods to get a trademark but, just as it is wise to get professionals to do your tax or service your new car, entrusting your Intellectual Property to specialists may well turn out to be your best investment.

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